Little Fairy Montessori Home is motivated to start for the young generation to nurture their childhood. Montessori Method of Education fosters the physical, mental and social development of the child in a safe, peaceful,  child-centered environment.

We focus our educational environment through virtue learning, which encourages to bring out their potential with their full excellence.

We also strongly believe “Homely Environment” is well deserved for children`s independence and its motives for self-learning in safe surrounding.




私たちは人間が本来持って生まれてきた「Virtues(美徳)」の  学習を通し、それを教育環境に焦点を当てています。



Our Team


Founder & Correspondent

Little Fairy Montessori Home was started in September 2017 with three kids and my love towards kids drive me to go ahead. I always dream and passionate to have play centered study, with happiness and safety. Myself and my team hold our hands to built homely environment for our kids to learn, explore and execute with their fairy wings.


Co-Founder & Head

Smile is the secret way for the magical success.

As a head of my fairy school , I always look for the smile of our fairies. Smile is the magical wand to motivate me as well as our well trained teachers to be positive and energetic through out the day.

We groom our fairy kids through virtue learning as they will be enlighten as a good citizen, also it will make them to step in this society with more courage, dignity and honour.

We Believe…Motivate…Celebrate…Our Fairy Kids !!